Welcome Living Social Subscribers!


Welcome Living Social subcribers to Knotty Yoga! Knotty Yoga is an aerial yoga studio. It combines aerial circus acrobatics with yoga, strength training, and Thai massage. Every student at Knotty Yoga has their own fabric (24 total) and there are also eight ropes, four hoops (lyra), and five trapezes. Knotty Yoga is a high intensity, efficient form of exercise that will get you in amazing shape quickly. We are located in the Overlake neighborhood of Redmond on the border of Bellevue and feature a wide variety of classes and time slots.

The Living Social deal includes one, 90-minute introductory workshop and one, 30-minute beginner Knotty Yoga class. The introductory workshop includes an overview of Knotty Yoga, an orientation to the equipment / basic moves, a workout, a demo of Thai massage, and an assessment by the instructor about what level you are at and what classes would be appropriate for you. Introductory workshops are scheduled frequently and are separate from regular Knotty Yoga classes. The current set of intro workshops is listed here. Once the introductory workshop is completed, you may then take any regularly scheduled 30 minute beginner class on the schedule.

Trained athletes love Knotty Yoga and comment that it provides the challenge that they can not find at other fitness facilities. People who hate yoga or would not consider going to a yoga studio tend to love Knotty Yoga. Instead of piety, chanting, and sanskrit terms, Knotty Yoga has peppy music, fun students, and a playful workout. Knotty Yoga has a balanced gender mix compared to mostly female traditional studios. Knotty Yoga is one of the few fitness options that can get you in really great shape doing only three, one-hour long workouts a week.

All of that said, the Knotty Yoga Living Social deal is NOT for everyone. If you are more than fifteen pounds overweight, the body weight based approach of Knotty Yoga will make it hard to function in the large Living Social intro class. People with serious injuries should not buy the Living Social deal and should contact Knotty Yoga directly to discusss private training. The Living Social deal is for people to inexpensively evaluate Knotty Yoga as a gym to attend regularly. If you are looking for a one time novelty this isn’t good option (same if you live more than twelve miles away). This is a match making solution for people who are looking for a regular addition to your fitness regimen to get in the best shape of your life. Excited to have you come play with us and see new faces at the studio! We have a very friendly, welcoming, and supportive community. Please email us to ask questions and tell us more about your fitness routine, what you are looking for, and introductory options at Knotty Yoga.