Presenting Knotty Yoga v2.0

Knotty Yoga v2.0

We are launching a number of changes at the studio for January 2016 that will be collectively called Knotty Yoga v2.0. We have been building towards many of these changes for a couple of months but everything will come together for January 2016. The general theme is to shift the studio to better serve the core demographics of people serious about fitness, aerial acrobatics enthusiasts, and people who want to be partner acrobatics ninjas. Here is a summary of the changes:

  • No more punch cards
  • Limited drop-in
  • Fitness requirements for acro
  • Acro Crew as a Membership / New Teachers
  • Expansion of Aerial Crew / Beginner Aerial Crew

No More Punch Cards

We stopped selling punch cards in September. Punch cards have a three month expiration date so we can proceed forward as an entirely membership based studio in 2016. While the flexibility of punch cards is nice in theory, we have come to the conclusion that we really aren’t interested in students who don’t attend at least two classes a week. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, but the simplest is that people who attend at least three Knotty Yoga classes a week for a year get in great shape. Anyone who has attended the studio for a year should be in amazing shape. Making memberships the only option will enforce this.

Limited Drop-In

When the studio opened, we allowed a new person to drop in to any class. One of the reasons for creating Knotty Yoga Acro Crew and Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew was to not have new people dropping into higher skill classes. As things have progressed, it’s become clear that most of the classes are higher skill classes that shouldn’t have drop-in people attending. It’s an enormous distraction for the regular attending students. Going forward, the only classes that will allow drop-in are, Saturday 10-11am Knotty Yoga and Wednesday 6-7pm Knotty Yoga. All acro, aerial, Circus Circuit, and the other Knotty Yoga classes will be membership only. New people can get started at one of these two classes or by attending one of the regularly schedule New Member Orientations and buying a membership.

Fitness Requirements for Acro

We split things at the studio into conditioning (Knotty Yoga & Circus Circuit) and skill (partner acro and aerial classes). This helps with schedule flexibility and lets people hopefully go hog wild on conditioning, but the downside is that some people just want to attend the skill classes without doing conditioning. The skill classes aren’t for getting in shape and if you are not well conditioned, you should solve that issue before attending the skill classes. To enforce this for partner acro, we will have the following attendance requirements for attending ANY partner acro class:

  • Able to do ten on feet not knees, arms bent to 90 degrees consecutive strict form pushups
  • Able to hold a tripod headstand in the center of the room for twenty seconds (flyers only)
  • Hold a belly to the wall handstand with hands within a foot of the wall for thirty seconds (flyers only)

As anyone who does acro can attest, these are extremely minimal fitness requirements and you won’t have much success if you aren’t at this level. I will require all new non-Knotty Yoga Acro Crew people to have a staff member verify your ability to perform these requirements before attending an acro class.

Acro Crew as a Membership / New Teachers

Knotty Yoga Acro Crew was created to help raise the level of the studio and force regular attendance. It has been quite successful. With the switch to a membership based studio and no drop-ins at any partner acro class, most of the original reasons for creating Knotty Yoga Acro Crew are now gone. Starting in January, I will switch Knotty Yoga Acro Crew to a membership add-on. Instead of having attendance requirements, Knotty Yoga Acro Crew will be a $40 add-on to the basic Knotty Yoga membership (basic membership is $160 so $200 for a Knotty Yoga + Acro Crew membership). The reason for this additional cost is that I’m bringing in two new teachers to teach Knotty Yoga Acro Crew only classes. People on a regular Knotty Yoga membership will only be able to attend the following partner acrobatics classes:

  • Monday 7-8pm
  • Thursday 7-8pm

Knotty Yoga Acro Crew members can attend:

  • Sunday 10am-noon (Orville Zharoff)
  • Monday 7-9pm (8-9pm is standing acro with Eric Blood)
  • Thursday 7-9pm
  • Saturday 10am-noon

The crown jewel of Knotty Yoga Acro Crew will be the new two hour, Knotty Yoga Acro Crew exclusive Sunday 10am-noon class with master acrobat Orville Zharoff. Here is Orville’s bio:

Orville grew up up on Kodiak Island, and worked in commercial fishing in Bristol Bay; the only thing that comes close to being as challenging to the Alaskan fishing life has been circus arts.  Through years of practice Orville has achieved skills in tumbling, juggling, and partner movements.  Polishing those skills and teaching circus arts have been a fun way of applying his nearly limitless energy. Orville’s experiences include cheerleading, Dance Drill Teams, performing and choreographing with Swing Dance and Ballroom Dance troupes, and teaching partner dances and partner movements for over 14 years.  His current passion is practicing Acro.

I’m also thrilled to have Eric Blood (Carnegie Mellon and NASA alumni) teaching standing acrobatics on Monday nights. It’s been amazing to have a room full of people at the studio doing standing hand to hand, croc, and shoulder stands each week. The partner acro level of the studio keeps leveling up and these changes will take it to the next level.

Expansion of Aerial Crew / Beginner Aerial Crew

It’s been a pleasure having Lauren Kettner teaching Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew classes Wednesday nights (6-7pm Fabric, 7-8pm Sling, and 8-9pm Directed Study). By having a separate membership and fitness requirements, we have a highly consistent crew that rapidly progresses. We would like to grow Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew and make it more accessible. We will be adding Aerial Crew Basics with Lauren Kettner on Friday nights from 6-8pm starting in January. This two hour class will be open to all Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew students (+$40 add-on to your Knotty Yoga membership each month), but the focus will be on beginning material on sling, fabric, and hoop as well as an extreme focus on conditioning. We will also be adding another open gym class. Here is the Knotty Yoga Aerial schedule for all Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew members:

  • Sunday noon-2pm Open Gym / Circus Circuit with Mark Libertus
  • Tuesday 7-9pm Open Gym / Circus Circuit with Mark Libertus
  • Thursday noon-1pm Aerial Fabric with Natasha Hawthorne
  • Wednesday 8-9pm Directed Study with Lauren Kettner
  • Friday 6-8pm Aerial Fundamentals with Lauren Kettner

Intermediate students who have been tested and can do two pullups and two consecutive straddle climbs in the air can also attend:

  • Wednesday 6-7pm Intermediate Fabric with Lauren Kettner
  • Wednesday 7-8pm Intermediate Sling with Lauren Kettner

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