Poco Bueno in the New Year!

Poco Bueno in the New Year!

Poco bueno is Spanish and translates roughly as less and better. My first aerial teacher, Lara Paxton, regularly told us this and I still think of it often to this day. It’s normal for people to plot out New Year’s resolutions this time of year and it is, unfortunately, even more common for these New Year’s resolutions to fail. Poco Bueno is the key to New Year’s success. A best practice would be to think of it as New Year’s resolution without the s.

If you say, I want to learn Spanish, lose twenty pounds, go back to school, and start doing yoga for New Year’s resolutions, you are less likely to still be doing any of these come Groundhog Day than if you had just picked one. By picking one thing and truly going after it with gusto, you will be far more likely to succeed.

This is my suggestion for people thinking of joining or recommitting to Knotty Yoga for the New Year. Make a one hour, three day a week commitment and stick to it religiously for two months and then reevaluate. If you don’t have time to make that minimum three hour commitment a week (remember that there are 168 hours in a week), then you shouldn’t bother. The only way to do it, is to do it. If you live an hour away, you won’t stick with it. If you already have a Zumba, crossfit, rock climbing gym, yoga studio, pole dancing, and running club membership, you won’t have space on your dance card either.

I routinely get sad that I don’t have the time, money, and energy to do all of the things. However, I have learned to avoid the temptation to continually chase the next new and shiny object. People who do a million things poorly and nothing well annoy me and I have no interest in being one. I’d rather achieve a high level of proficiency in a few things. In general, I know that adding something new to my life means that I’d need to let something else, or two, go so I’m careful with what I commit to. This is despite finding many things highly intriguing. For instance, I used to be a very good skier and rock climber but I gave them up for yoga and circus. I think fondly of both but I have neither the time nor interest to train enough to do either one well and have zero desire in doing them poorly given my respect for both sports.

My suggestion is to set yourself up for success. Find something that you really like, that is logistically convenient (or that you know will be worth the hassle), and that you can afford enough to do on a regular basis and really throw yourself into it. There is very little that you will advance at doing just one day a week and there are few things that people will stick with if they don’t see improvement. If you love something but can’t afford it, don’t torture yourself. If you’ve found a class you really like, but it’s an hour away and you know you will have a hard time dragging yourself there after a long day at work, find something else. Be realistic and find something that works with your life now.

The same goes with your actual training. In aerial especially and acro to a degree, there are a lot of “trick whores.” These are people who just want to learn more things even though they really can’t do the ones that they already have started working on with any level of competency. Poco bueno! Do less, but do it better! Training should include a mix of maintaining your base, improving the things that you can do somewhat but could get better, and slowly and carefully introducing new things to your vocabulary.

For those who take this to heart, I’d love to welcome you to Knotty Yoga for 2016. If you do three Knotty Yoga classes a week for six months, I can promise you will see a rapid increase in your fitness and athletic abilities. After a couple of months (depending on your fitness level), we have both an aerial and acro program you can add to the mix as well, but Knotty Yoga is where to start. If Knotty Yoga isn’t your thing then I hope what you find what is but take the concept of poco bueno with you in your activity of choice to improve your effectiveness wherever your passions might be

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