New Member Audition



New Member Audition

Knotty Yoga is a mixture of circus acrobatics, yoga, strength training, and Thai massage. This is intense training for people who want to quickly hit an advanced fitness level. Knotty Yoga is a great foundation for building up to skills such as handstands, arm balances, partner acrobatics, and aerial acrobatics. You should be free of injury, height weight proportionate or better, and at a reasonable base fitness level. We periodically hold auditions for new members. You must be able to do two non kipping pull-ups and fifteen straight arm to fully bent arm push-ups (not on knees) in order to audition for Knotty Yoga membership. We are a membership only based studio. We don’t do drop-ins.

Please email:

To schedule an audition. Please indicate your fitness level, current exercise routine, past injuries, and what you are interested in.

Please keep the following in mind when considering auditioning for Knotty Yoga:

  • Purchases are non-refundable so please block your calendar
  • We are located in Redmond, Washington (Overlake area)
  • We are a niche facility focusing on intermediate to high-end fitness
  • You must be at least sixteen to attend the studio
  • This is not a good solution if you are overweight or injured

We are a high-intensity, high efficiency fitness / acrobatics studio. In general, students attend the studio three or more times a week and achieve rapid and impressive gains in strength, flexibility, and skill. Besides fitness, we have a very impressive partner acrobatics and aerial acrobatics programs. This is a boutique, small studio with a tight-knit, family like fitness community. Most of our students are in their 20s and 30s (though all are welcome) and we generally have more men than women (which is unusual in the female dominated worlds of yoga and acrobatics).

Please note, this is a special promotional offer and must be paid for directly. Group purchase vouchers (expired or not) may not be used towards this promotional offering. You may apply the paid value of expired group purchase vouchers towards the price of a drop-in class or class punch card.