Massage at Knotty Yoga

Knotty Yoga massage emphasis is on Thai massage. Swedish / deep tissue / table massage is offered, but Thai massage is the main focus. Like the fitness offerings, massage at Knotty Yoga is results driven. Massage at Knotty Yoga is designed as a support vehicle to the fitness offerings to assist people in reaching their fitness and health goals.

Like yoga, massage runs the gamut from pure relaxation based spa massage to intense therapeutic oriented body work. Knotty Yoga is on the therapeutic end of the spectrum.

Massage at Knotty Yoga helps with muscle recovery and heavily emphasizes stretching. Limbs are moved and joints are taken through their full range of motion. It is as if the person is passive while their body is guided through a dance of yoga like poses while pressure is strategically applied.

In addition to receiving a massage, Knotty Yoga offers a set of trainings to teach people how to give a Thai massage. There are classes targeting novices, couples, fitness professionals, and massage therapists.

Thai massage chest opener