Knotty Yoga v3.0

After doing Knotty Yoga full time for five years, I’m currently celebrating my one year anniversary as a full time software engineer. I am thrilled to still have the studio while holding down a full time job. I am making a couple of changes to Knotty Yoga starting today / May 1st to make the studio a better place.

  • All Knotty Yoga classes are 60min
  • There are no drop in classes going forward
  • The studio is membership based only
  • There won’t be new member orientations
  • There will be occasional auditions for people to join the studio
  • I will require people to be able to do two pull-ups and fifteen push-ups to audition

The student base of the studio has been remarkably stable over the last year. I make plenty of money as a software engineer so my only goal with Knotty Yoga beyond having it pay for itself is doing bad ass acrobatics and fitness with a wonderful community. I have not lost students and have not had the desire to recruit new people. With basically the same people in every class, we have progressed to a shockingly high level overall at the studio. These changes should enable us to hit even higher levels.

New students are an investment and a distraction. If someone sticks around, works hard, and becomes a part of the community, that investment is worthwhile. If the person is just looking to satisfy a curiosity and snap a few pictures for Instagram, that investment is not worth the effort. Because of this, I am dropping drop in classes and generic new member orientations.

The beginner and weight loss fitness markets are also served by a shockingly large industry. I have no interest in serving that market. There is a place for intermediate to high end fitness and that is the market in which Knotty Yoga resides. Going forward, all new students will be required to demonstrate that they can do two consecutive, non-kipping pullups and fifteen consecutive on feet, not knees, straight to fully bent arm pushups. Existing students who don’t meet this bar will be grandfathered in, but you should hit this level quickly. For fitness, this is a very low bar but this will be beyond the reach of many people and that is by design.

There is a schism between people who just want to do fitness and people who want to do acrobatics at the studio. There are also people who want to live at the studio versus people who love the efficiency of Knotty Yoga. I also would like to be able to try harder things at the studio that really aren’t appropriate for everyone. The solution to this is making all Knotty Yoga classes 60min.

Mon-Thu 6-7pm and Sat 10am-11am Knotty Yoga classes will start and end on time. On Mon, Thu, and Sat there will be an optional, invite-only 30min add on class in which we will explore advanced conditioning, arm balances, handstands, partner acrobatics, and aerial. Even people who are eligible for the remaining extra class can choose to just stay 60min if that is what makes more sense schedule / energy wise. I honestly want a smaller group to tackle harder material with.

I’m thrilled with the level and group of people at the studio. My feeling is that making the studio more selective will also make it easier to attract and retain the right level of students. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

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