Presenting the Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew

With Vivian’s departure and the success of the Knotty Yoga Acro Crew, I decided to reinvent the aerial program at Knotty Yoga and introduce a Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew. Admittance to the Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew will be simple. It will consist of a $200 monthly membership fee and the demonstrated ability to do a static pull-up and two, in the air, straddle climbs. This will include all the benefits of the Knotty Yoga monthly unlimited membership plus the benefits of the Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew. There will be three benefits to the Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew in May.

The first will be a Sunday noon to 1pm Aerial Practice hour. This will follow the Knotty Yoga Acro Crew 11am-noon training time and will be supervised by Mason. People can work on fabric, rope, sling, hoop, trapeze, or acro. Mason will not be teaching during this hour but will be supervising to keep things safe and sane. Only Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew members will be allowed.

The second big change will be on Wednesday nights. Lauren Kettner will be teaching a three hour block of classes on Wednesdays as follows:

6pm-7pm Aerial Fabric

7pm-8pm Aerial Sling

8pm-9pm Aerial Hoop

These classes will be restricted to the Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew. Drop-in will not be allowed for these classes. People on regular $160/mon unlimited memberships will not be allowed at these classes either. These classes will be restricted to Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew members only.

The third big change will be a special for May. The trapeze workshops and private lessons with Eric Newton were so popular that I wanted to bring trapeze into the studio on a more regular basis. The best local teacher isn’t that local. Sara Sparrow is the founder of the wonderful Olympia based aerial studio the Aviary. Sara will be teaching trapeze at Knotty Yoga the first and third Tuesdays in May from 7pm-9pm (May 5th & May 19th). Mason will be running trapeze practice times on the two other Tuesdays (7pm-9pm) to practice the skills that Sara taught the previous week. These 7-9pm trapeze slots in May will only be for the Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew.

Sara will also be available to teach private lessons 5pm-6pm & 6pm-7pm on May 5th & May 19th. These lessons are $80/hr and the first people to contact me and pay for them get them. You do not need to be Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew to book the privates. Sara is an amazing aerialist and teacher. I highly recommend you taking advantage of this opportunity since I’m spending a lot of resources to bring someone I highly respect and recommend to the studio.

A larger goal of the Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew is the same as the Knotty Yoga Acro Crew. I want to develop a consistent and more serious aerial program at the studio. Aerial is a high skill, high fitness, high commitment activity. Drop-in aerial has really not been successful at the studio. I would rather have fewer people participating but have more success and consistent attendance. People who succeed at aerial at Knotty Yoga will be people who attend several classes a week at the studio: conditioning and skill based classes. I want the pricing model to reflect this. People who attend three or more Knotty Yoga / Circus Circuit classes a week, and a couple of skill classes a week, will make a lot of progress. This pricing model will also let me keep aerial class sizes on the small side while hiring high level talent to teach the classes.

The big shift is that beginners won’t be allowed to take explicit aerial skill classes. The path for beginner aerialists at the studio will be Circus Circuit. This is where people will learn the basic climb, Russian climb, and foot locks while building the strength needed to do pull-ups and straddle climbs. Circus Circuit, Knotty Yoga, and a subset of the acro classes will continue to allow drop-in students. I believe the fastest path to becoming a fledgling aerialist is getting the strength needed to do aerial which involves pull-ups / rope climbs and working on the strength needed to invert (ie. Hold on to an apparatus and flip upside down). A person who can easily invert multiple times in a row and easily do several consecutive pull-ups will find learning the skills needed to do aerial fairly simple (aesthetics and form aside). It’s also hard to care at all about aesthetics and form when you are so weak you barely have the strength to flop into moves. Circus Circuit also scales far more easily to large class sizes and varied levels than skill based classes do.

I realize a good number of people have bought punch cards for aerial classes. For people with non-expired punch cards (ie. Punch cards purchased after Feb 1st, 2015), I will allow people to apply the unused, pro-rated value towards a Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew membership for May. This is a one-time offer for May. So if you had a $130 punch card and had four classes left, you could apply $65 towards your $200 Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew membership.

In summary, all of the classes that Vivian teaches now are currently available to all students drop-in and $160/mo unlimited membership. These classes will all be gone at the end of April and people who are drop-in or $160/mon unlimited members will not be able to take any of the new Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew classes (Sara’s Tue night trapeze class, Lauren’s Wed night classes, Mason’s noon-1pm Aerial Practice Hour). With the $200 Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew, students will be able to take classes on four different apparatuses (adding sling and trapeze) and get access to a long requested open gym time. Going forward, we will have special performance opportunities for Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew members with multiple months of continuous attendance as well as more guest instructors. I’m very excited to build the pool of talent at the studio!

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