Getting started at Knotty Yoga


Getting started at Knotty Yoga

Knotty Yoga is an intermediate / advanced fitness facility focusing on strength training, flexibility, and balance using a blend of yoga and acrobatics equipment and technique. We are a niche facility focusing on creating a family like community for people looking to achieve a high fitness level and possibly learn partner acrobatics and aerial acrobatics. We are not the right solution for weight loss, people with substantial injuries, people who with schedules that don’t allow regular attendance, or people under the age of sixteen. Please feel free to email us at:

Perfect Place to Start: Knotty Yoga $19 New Member Orientation Workshops

These workshops feature an overview of the studio, explanation of the schedule, a sample aerial yoga (Knotty Yoga) workout, partner acrobatics, a sampling of Thai massage, and a fitness assessment. Please sign up at:

Intro Pricing

You can do a first month membership for $120 (normally $160) that allows you to do all of the classes on the basic schedule. For people who can’t wait for a New Member Orientation, there are a set of classes that do allow $25 drop-in. For the list of those classes, please see our schedule:

What to expect on the first visit to the studio

Please allow a little extra time to find the studio and use the directions listed at:
Upon arrival, you will need to complete a short safety waiver. You don’t need to bring any equipment like a yoga mat since we have padded floors throughout the studio. The studio is heated and air conditioned. Please leave your shoes in the lobby under the benches. There are cubbies in the main part of the studio where you can put your valuables and still be able to see them. Please take your socks off for traction on the floor and equipment.

Please come freshly showered and free of body lotion and perfume. Please leave jewelry and watches at home (they damage equipment). Please refrain from wearing earrings to partner acrobatics classes.

We have a grid of twenty-four aerial fabrics so each student generally has their own piece of equipment. We also have seven ropes and multiple hoops and trapezes. We also have a restroom right in the studio and take all major credit cards (preferred) and cash. Please no checks.