Getting started at Knotty Yoga

Now that you want to try Knotty Yoga, what’s the next step? That kind of depends on your current fitness level and how much you like to be challenged. No experience with either yoga or aerial acrobatics is assumed or needed. Shoot us an e-mail at letting us know you are coming, and we’ll save a spot for you! Knotty Yoga is not insured for people under 16 so they may not take classes and we have no day care facilities so please leave children and pets at home.

Perfect Place to Start: Knotty Yoga $19 New Member Orientation Workshops!

90min intro workshops co-taught by Vivian Tam and Mason Bendixen. These workshops feature an aerial yoga workout, demo aerial performances, basic aerial instruction on fabric, a sample of Thai massage, and a fitness assessment. Sign up today at:

Knotty Yoga Monday / Wednesday Morning 7:30am-8:30am Classes $10 for new members in October!

The Monday / Wednesday morning classes are a gem at Knotty Yoga. The classes are small with lots of individual attention and this is a great way to start your day off right! Offering a reduced rate on these classes in October for people who are new to the studio.

Sounds Great! What’s next? Intro pricing!

$70 (reg. $80) – 4 x 1 hour classes (or 8 x 30 minute classes)
$100 (reg. $130) – 8 x 1 hour classes – $12.50 per 60min class / half the $25 drop-in price
$120 (reg. $160) – monthly unlimited for first month – Try all the classes you can attend for a month!

Knotty Yoga accepts all major credit cards, checks, and cash.

What to Expect / First Visit to the Studio

Don’t worry about bringing a yoga mat – the studio has a thick, matted floor for your comfort and safety.

Remove your shoes and socks in the lobby (there are handy benches available) before entering the studio space. There are small shelves inside where you can store your essential belongings. Having bare feet ensures you have sufficient traction for a safe class.

For your peace of mind, please leave valuable personal items at home – including jewelry.

Our studio has twenty-four aerial silks, enough for each student! We also have multiple trapeze, climbing ropes, rosin, and all of the other equipment you need for your class.

A restroom is available inside the studio space.

Beginner Fitness Level

Beginner fitness level would be people who can’t do a pull-up or more than fifteen pushups. For beginners, the main focus will be building strength and stamina. The best option for beginners are the beginner labeled classes. For people interested in the circus side of the spectrum, the hoop and beginner fabric classes are all beginner friendly. The morning classes are also beginner friendly.

Monday 7:30am-8:30am -OR- 7pm-8pm Group Thai Massage -OR- 8pm-9pm Beginner Knotty Yoga

Tuesday 6pm-7pm Beginner Aerial Fabric -OR- 7:15pm-7:45pm Beginner Knotty Yoga -OR- 7pm-8pm Beginner Aerial Hoop

Wednesday 7:30am-8:30am -OR- noon-1pm Beginner Circus: Fabric and Hoop -OR- 6pm-7pm Beginner Fabric -OR- 7:15pm-7:45pm Beginner Knotty Yoga

Thursday noon-1pm Aerial Fabric -OR- 7pm-8pm Acro Yoga -OR- 8pm-9pm Beginner Knotty Yoga -OR- 8pm-9pm Beginner Aerial Hoop

Saturday 10:45am-11:45am Group Thai Massage -OR- Beginner Knotty Yoga

Sunday 10am-11:30am Acro Yoga -OR- noon-1pm Beginner Knotty Yoga

Intermediate / Advanced Fitness Level

Intermediate fitness level would be people who can do at least one pull-up and more than fifteen pushups not on knees. Advanced fitness level would be people who can do more than ten pull-ups and more then forty pushups. People at either of these levels should try any of the hour classes on the schedule except classes explicitly marked advanced without contacting us.