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Beach 640

All about the base! FREE Acro Yoga Basing Boot Camp

Thursday, May 21st 8pm-9pm

Looking to recruit some awesome new bases for our Acro Yoga program. This is a great way to get a killer workout while improving your flexibility and doing something fun and interactive. This workshop is for people who are 5’10″+, 170lbs+, and can touch your toes. Just recruiting bases for this event!

I really am looking for those cross fit, weight lifter, big beefy strong athlete type guys for this event. Muscle, strength, and weight translate to stability for new bases. Looking for athletic people who like a challenge.

You will learn the basic moves and positions of acro yoga with experienced flyers and detailed instruction. No experience is needed.

Knotty Yoga Acro Crew – this will be our regularly scheduled crew practice time and I can really use your help flying, assisting, and recruiting for this event.

Like always, ask questions as knottyyoga@hotmail.com

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