Upcoming special classes


Knotty Yoga Gay Fitness Saturday, March 22nd 2pm-4pm

Basic Knotty Yoga workout, performances by the staff of Knotty Yoga, basic aerial instruction, and food and mingling. Come get the workout of your lift and make new friends while trying something fun and new! Cost is $19. Please sign up at:

What: Learn how to give a 90 minute Thai Massage!

When: Sunday, January 26th 2:30pm-7pm

Cost: $200 ($300 for a pair with one manual)

Sign up: http://www.knottyyoga.com/index.php/massage/thai-massage-workshops/

In this four hour workshop, you will learn the skills needed to give a 90 minute, whole-body Thai Massage. Thai massage is done on the ground with clothes on. You don’t need a table and oil. It is performed in a variety of positions and involves moving the person receiving the massage through a bunch of yoga pose like stretches with pressure applied through a set of choreographed moves. It’s highly effective at achieving relaxation and increased athletic performance while relieving pain. Learn a valuable skill to be able to help those you care about. In this hands-on workshop, you will experience giving and receiving all the moves. Food and refreshments will be provided as well a four-60min class workshop to attend the Knotty Yoga Thai Massage classes to practice your newly learned skills (or any of the other classes at the studio. This is an $80 value.

Like always, RSVP at knottyyoga@hotmail.com