Aerial Acrobatics


Aerial Acrobatics

Knotty Yoga has a strong aerial conditioning and aerial acrobatics program. We have a grid of 24 fabrics, six slings, six ropes, and several hoops and trapezes. We have a Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew with both a beginner and intermediate track. Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew is a $40 monthly add-on to the base Knotty Yoga Unlimited Membership. It is highly recommended that new people a mix of Knotty Yoga and Circus Circuit classes on top of the aerial classes.

Beginner Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew

This makes no assumptions on previous experience or fitness level. However, all participants should be free of injury and at a healthy body weight. On top of the base Knotty Yoga schedule, the Aerial Crew add-on allows you to also attend:

  • Sunday noon-2pm Open Gym with Mark Libertus
  • Tuesday 7-9pm Open Gym with Mark Libertus
  • Wednesday 8-9pm Directed Study with Lauren Kettner
  • Friday 6-8pm Beginning Aerial with Lauren Kettner

Open Gym allows you to practice what you have learned as well as time to log hours on the equipment to build your strength and stamina. Open Gym is supervised and also features help with ideas to work on and help building strength and flexibility. Directed Study is a small class slot to get help with moves, routines, and technique. Beginning Aerial is a conditioning and technique focused class to help you get familiar with aerial fabric, rope, hoop, sling, and trapeze. Moves will be done low to the ground to build your confidence and allow you to improve at a safe and controlled pace.


Intermediate Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew

The bar for Intermediate Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew is being able to do two full range, non-kipping pullups and two straddle climbs on a rope of fabric starting off the ground. It features:

  • Sunday noon-2pm Open Gym with Mark Libertus
  • Tuesday 7-9pm Open Gym with Mark Libertus
  • Wednesday 6-7pm Intermediate Fabric with Lauren Kettner
  • Wednesday 7-8pm Intermediate Sling with Lauren Kettner
  • Wednesday 8-9pm Directed Study with Laruen Kettner
  • Friday 6-8pm Open Gym with Lauren Kettner

The main thing for the intermediate students are the 6-7pm fabric and 7-8pm sling classes on Wednesdays with Lauren and then the open gym times to work on that material. Please note that the priority on Fridays will be the beginner class but intermediate people can come to drill technique or carefully work on their own material. Wednesday 8-9pm is a great time to get instruction on an apparatus for which there isn’t a separate class (ie. Hoop, rope, and trapeze), debug moves, get advice on training / flexibility, or work on a routine.