Aerial Acrobatics at Knotty Yoga

Knotty Yoga is ideally suited for learning aerial acrobatics. The studio features a grid of 24 fabrics, seven ropes, five trapezes, six slings, and four hoops, with a studio-wide padded floor. The core Knotty Yoga classes familiarize students with the aerial apparatus of fabric, rope, and trapeze as well as developing the strength and flexibility needed to work with them. Beyond that, the studio offers three options for people looking to explore aerial acrobatics.

Circus Circuit

Besides Knotty Yoga, Circus Circuit is where I would steer beginners who are interested in learning aerial acrobatics. This is the place to learn the assorted climbs, straddling, and basic skills such as foot locks. This is also the place to build the strength to climb a rope without your arms, climb a fabric with just your legs, and do pull-ups. The class also heavily emphasizes acro focused flexibility (splits, straddles, etc.) as well as acro focused skills like hand stands and arm balances. New people should stick with Circus Circuit for a couple of months until they know all the climbs, can do to straddle climbs (which involves inverting easily in the air), and do a no momentum pull-up.

Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew

This is a the showcase for aerial acrobatics at the studio. To join the Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew, you must purchase a $200 Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew membership and be able to do two consecutive straddle climbs in the air as well as do a static pull-up. Members of the Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew can attend all of the regularly schedule studio classes as well as:

  • Sunday noon-1pm Open Gym
  • Tuesday 7pm-9pm Specialty Class (trapeze for May)
  • Wednesday 6pm-7pm with Lauren Kettner
  • Wednesday 7pm-8pm with Lauren Kettner
  • Wednesday 8pm-9pm with Lauren Kettner

Read more about the Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew at:

Beginner Aerial Fabric with Natasha Thursday noon-1pm

Our only drop-in aerial class at the studio. Participants should be in good shape and height, weight proportionate. It is recommended that people attend Knotty Yoga and Circus Circuit for a month before attending this class if they don’t have previous aerial experience or a lot of upper body strength.