Knotty Yoga Partner Acrobatics for Couples (and bases)

Acrobat performers at Knotty Yoga.
Differences in strength and size often make it hard for couples to work out together. With partner acrobatics, that differential becomes an asset. Come and radically improve your fitness while getting to do some something new and exciting with your partner. Show off new skills to your friends and family this holiday season and fight that tendency to gain weight during the holidays by starting an intense fitness regimen in advance!

Our partner acrobatics program is heavily fitness oriented and blends with a comprehensive training program at our studio. You will also cross train in basic aerial acrobatics as well as improving your overall strength and flexibility levels.

Partner acrobatics involves a base (the larger person who is connected to the ground) and a flyer (the person lifted into the air). We will perform a mix of standing and L basing acrobatics. L basing is with the base lying on their back with their legs bent at ninety degrees (hence the L) and the flyer either on the bases legs or arms. The main goal of the program is to build the strength needed to do standing acrobatics. We will generally work in groups of three (two bases and a flyer) or four (two bases and two flyers) and have one or two spotters for safety.

Partner acrobatics is an invite only based program for members who are at a decent fitness level and are interested in partner acrobatics. If you are interested in partner acrobatics, please start with any of the new member orientations listed at: