Fitness at Knotty Yoga

As seen on King5 Evening Magazine!

The heart of Knotty Yoga is a grid of twenty-four aerial circus fabrics. Each student has their own fabric to challenge their strength, balance, and flexibility. There are several trapezes and ropes all on an inch thick acrobatics floor.

As far as fitness benefits go, yoga brings a focus on breath combined with larger ranges of motion that challenge flexibility as well as positions that reinforce balance. Taking yoga as a foundation but moving one point of contact from the ground to the fabric puts an extreme challenge on core strength. The acrobatics equipment also enables the muscles of the upper body to be targeted in ways that are hard to do with just yoga poses on the mat.

A key concept is variety. Everyone would like to be fit and healthy. The biggest roadblock for most is boredom. Every Knotty Yoga class is substantially different and an adventure. Classes will vary in focus from strength to flexibility to balance to endurance. It is also important to challenge the mind as well as the body. Knotty Yoga is a studio and classroom, not just a gym. The variety promotes a healthy body by targeting more muscle groups in different ways and reducing overtraining despite very high intensity workouts.

Aerial Straddle Lift