Beginning Aerial Acrobatics at Knotty Yoga

Beginning Aerial Acrobatics at Knotty Yoga

Knotty Yoga has the solution to get started in Aerial Acrobatics in 2016. We are starting a beginner Aerial Crew program to get started successfully at aerial acrobatics in 2016. Aerial Acrobatics at the studio will include work on fabric, rope, hoop, sling, and trapeze. We are an unlimited membership based studio with a flexible schedule. Aerial Acrobatics is hard to get traction with unless you log a lot of hours and volume of activity to build the strength and body awareness needed to start doing acrobatics. As a bonus, you will also get in amazing shape.

To make progress, you need be height / weight proportionate and free of injury and commit to attending at least three classes a week. We have a flexible schedule to make this as easy as possible. Here is the aerial specific schedule:

  • Friday 6-8pm Beginner Aerial Acrobatics with Lauren Kettner
  • Sunday noon-2pm Circus Circuit / Open Gym with Mark Libertus
  • Tuesday 7-9pm Circus Circuit / Open Gym with Mark Libertus
  • Wednesday 8-9pm Directed Study with Lauren Kettner
  • Thursday noon-1pm Aerial Fabric with Natasha Hawthorne

The gem of this schedule is the new Friday night, two hour Beginner Aerial Acrobatics with Lauren Kettner. Lauren is a high level teacher and professional performer in aerial acrobatics, dance, and partner acrobatics. This class will focus on orienting new people to the assorted apparatus, developing technique, as well as learning tricks and conditioning. The Circus Circuit / Open Gym slots are supervised time slots to focus on climbing, working on tricks, building stamina, and working strength and flexibility. Directed Study is a small class for people to work with Lauren on what they would like to. Thursday noon-1pm is a beginner focused fabric only class.

In addition to these Aerial Crew only classes, Aerial Crew members get access to the full set of Knotty Yoga Unlimited membership classes which include Mon-Thu 6-7pm Knotty Yoga and Sat 10-11am Knotty Yoga. Knotty Yoga is a whole body conditioning program building strength, flexibility, and balance using acrobatics equipment, yoga, Thai massage and strength training principles. There are also beginner friendly partner acrobatics classes on Mon / Thu 7-8pm. There is a separate Knotty Yoga Acro Crew for people who want to drill into partner acrobatics in depth.

Pricing for Knotty Yoga Aerial Crew is $200 a month (Knotty Yoga Unlimited Membership – $160 + Aerial Crew Add-on – $40). As you progress, there are additional classes that you can start taking as well. For the ability to take unlimited classes up to seven days a week, we feel like this is an extremely good value. We also offer $40 off your first month to try it for $160. Please feel free to do a Knotty Yoga New Member Orientation to get a better feel for what the studio is and what offerings we have.

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