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I usually focus on fitness and health in this blog, but today I am addressing the topic of something that affects the health and wellbeing of myself and many good people that I know. I opened Knotty Yoga to improve the lives of others. I would not have been able to do this without the love and support of my partner, Kit Williams. We have been together two and a half years which is about when most couples decide to take the next step in their relationships. The legislature and Governor have passed legislation to allow us to take that logical next step but that ability has been suspended so a spending contest to sway public opinion can allow people to vote on my rights.

That’s correct. People are going to vote on my rights in a little more than a month.

I’ve been in multi-year, heterosexual relationships before and almost got married. None of those relationships came close to the level of mutual respect, concern, and love that I share for my partner. I supported him in finishing flight school. He encouraged and has been integral in me pursuing my dream of leaving the tech industry to start a fitness business. We have made hard sacrifices, compromises, and built something special.

We live a very conventional, suburban existence. We both are college graduates, do community service, and pay taxes. We have built a common dream and want to own a small, sustainable farm in the future. We have joint goals and work hard to support each other to achieve them. We actively participate in the community and the world is a better place with us in it together.

We deserve the ability to get married. In fact, we deserve it more than many of the heterosexual couples that I know.

Marriage, as acknowledged by the state, isn’t a religious concept. It’s a civil contract. It allows for division of property in the event of a breakup, hospital visitation rights in the event of an emergency, power of attorney, right of survivorship, immigration status, and many, many other rights. There have always been gay couple and there will always be gay couples.

It all comes down to people being uncomfortable with what my partner and I do in the bedroom. Let’s all just agree to really being uncomfortable with the thought of what most people are doing sexually and leave it at that. Sexual acts behind closed doors should not define what marriage is. It’s really no one else’s business and is a very small part of what constitutes a loving and supportive relationship.

It all comes down to people wanting to tell my partner and me that we are not equal. That we are lesser and that our love and relationship don’t deserve to be titled the same as that of another couple. Title or not, our relationship looks like and will continue to resemble pretty much any other married couple union.

The groups that are opposing gay marriage are the same people who opposed giving women the right to vote and equal rights to blacks. They are the same people who would rather see women die than have an abortion and would like to see evolution be removed from the public schools. These are the same people who burn books and who had people killed for arguing that the world is round. These people took us from an advanced society to the dark ages.

I grew up in Utah. This is a place that was founded by people with multiple spouses and where a serious debate had to be taken in the 90s to raise the legal age of marriage from 14 to 18. I fled this backwards thinking place to the state of Washington to get away from a Mormon theocracy. The Mormons used tens of millions of dollars in the last election to fight gay marriage in California. Now, there is a Mormon candidate for President and religious groups are sending in millions of dollars to defeat gay marriage in Washington. Washington has the ability to become the first state in the nation to confirm gay marriage in a popular vote. Nothing would make me prouder than to see my adopted home and safe haven make this happen.

This election is an all-out war. It’s all about money and campaign spending. I’ve never made a political donation in my life but that’s changing this election. I’m doing a fundraiser for Washington United / Ref 74 today at my studio. Please come and donate to a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. This has a huge impact on my life and I would really appreciate your support. I have received numerous messages of support from a wide variety of people. That’s amazing. Now you need to get out your wallets because the opposition is organized and well-funded. Donate, publicly support ref 74 to anyone who will listen, and vote!

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