$19 Knotty Yoga $19 90min Orientation Saturday, Oct 18th 2pm-3:30pm!

Meet most of the staff and class formats offered by the studio in this new member orientation. The class will feature a Knotty Yoga workout, aerial acrobatics on fabric, and then Thai massage. The workshop will also feature performances by the staff and students of Knotty Yoga on rope, fabric, and hoop. Sign up today!

Changes to the Oct Schedule

  • Tue noon-1pm Acro Yoga with Mason (All Level)
  • Wed 7pm-8:30pm Acro Yoga Jam (All Level)
  • Thu 7:15pm-7:45pm Intro to Circus with Sean (Rope/Hoop/Fabric) (Beginner)
  • Thu 8pm-9pm Rope with Mason (Int/Adv)

Knotty Yoga Featured in the Seattle Times

Yoga Instructor and reporter Nicole Tsong documents her first Knotty workout in this December 7th Seattle Times piece about Knotty Yoga!

New to Knotty Yoga?

Are you interested in checking out Knotty Yoga? Click here for everything you need to know!

Bringing Fitness to New Heights

Knotty Yoga is a mixture of aerial yoga, acrobatics conditioning, strength training, and Thai massage. Our fun and intense workouts involve more than jumping on boxes, swinging a kettle bells, or trudging along on a treadmill.

Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, Knotty Yoga is a fun challenge and an opportunity to reach your new personal bests! You don’t even need to have any upper body strength — though you’ll quickly gain it. Need an innovative, efficient, and results oriented approach to fitness? Come to Knotty Yoga!

If you do three, one hour Knotty Yoga workouts a week for six months, you will get in amazing shape. Life-changing, change-your-body, look-good-in-a-swimsuit kind of shape. There aren’t many other fitness options that can offer that.

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